Bowl Liner | Concave

Bowl Liner in another name concave Ring , Is a fixed unit accommodate on the bowl assembly . It is a sacrificial liner to squeezing the rock passively by the rotating mantle assembly


Normally the bowl liner having options of different cavities according to the material requirement,like (Extra Coarse) ,C (Coarse), M (Medium), F (Fine) and EF (Extra Fine)  


Each type of cone crusher having different design of the bowl liner, some are fixing by the taper wedge and some by the U-Bolt, and many copies with small changes available at the market, . Casteel having full data of all popular models cone crushers and our engineers real know how to select the right bowl liner to your machine. 


The Mantle is a moving unit seat on the cone mantle assembly, It is rotates decentralization by the Eccentric assembly. The mantle is a positive sacrificial liner squeezing the rock to the bowl until it get to the small size to be release from the gap between mantle and concave


The Mantle also having standard and shorthead type with selections of coarse ,medium and fine according to different type of cone crusher, But it not has as much as bowl liners normally the spring cone crusher the mantle is replaceable between the same model of crushers. ,but for the hydraulic cone crushers it also having different mantles to get more specific size and different crushing applications.



Generally the mantle looks same but small difference on the curve and height can result irreplaceable with your machine or big gap which result the vibrations during operations. Casteel having full data of all popular models cone crushers and our engineers real know how to select the right bowl liner to your machine. 

Distribution | Feed Plate

The Distribution plate in another name as Feeding plate Is fixing on top mantle assembly with joint with locking nut . made of high Maganese steel normally Mn13cr2 or Mn18cr2 The function is distribution the rock uniformity to the side of the crushing chamber and protect the rock to wear the Tighten nut and cutting ring which is made out of Carbon steel. Different models of crusher having different design of the Feed plate,As it is a regular changing small parts Casteel keep stcoks of it covers most popuar crusher models like HP, GP,PYB, Symons, TC and SBS Series as etc.

Cutting | Burning Ring

The Cutting ring also as know of Burning Ring,it is between with cone mantle and the locking nut ,Made of carbon steel the function is to locking the mantle to the shaft assembly. The burning ring is easy to cut to lose the mantle when do the replacement the liners so it is also call as cutting ring. Casteel keeping varies stocks for Metso, Sanvik,symons,Shanbao ,Terex ,telsmith crusher modles. 

Arm Shield | Guards

The Arm Shield also as know of Arm Guards or Arm Liner, Made of High Manganese steel it is mainly using on the Single cylinder cone crusher and gyratory crusher, It is to protect The Spider assembly when the rock directly feeding to the top of crusher.  


Another liner name Narrow Arm Liner is seat below the lower frame it is to protect the lower frame body wear out by the discharged material at the bottom. The narrow are liner normally to have a bigger one around countershaft and 2 small one at the lower arms.


Cone Crusher Parts Decription:

Cone Crusher is a common secondary and titiary crusher widely used in Construction ,Mining, Quarry and Metallurgy sectors, it works to further reduce the sizes of material from primary crusher by compressing the material between mantle and bowl liner. Cone crusher design basic on inter-particle breakage( rock to crusher the rock theory),It results lots of flaky and dust during crushing but the wear parts change less than other secondary crusher. The market mainly having Spring Cone crusher, Combined cone crusher, Multi-Cylinder hydraulic cone crusher and single cylinder hydraulic cone crushers, and most type of cone crushers having Standard and shorthead models for coarse and fine crushings.The usually change wear parts are Bowl Liner ,concave Ring, Mantle, distribution plate, ,cutting ring, Arm guard liner as etc.

CASTEEL usually keeping reasonable stocks of this Arm Liners for most popular crusher models like GP200,GP200S, GP300, GP300S, GP500, GP500S,GP11F, GP550,HP200,HP300,HP400, HP500, CS430, CS440 and CS660. CH430,CH440,CH660 as etc.