Jaw Plate

Jaw Plate are the most frequently replaced wear parts of Jaw crusher, The quality of the jaw die is important factors to reduce the crushing cost and effciency by increasing opertion time.

A set of jaw plates are consist with the Fixed Jaw Plate (stationary jaw Plate) Swin Jaw Plate (Movable jaw Plate) The Swin jaw is moving eccentricly pushing the rock To the fixed jaw against the fixed jaw die. The compression result the rock getting crack in the chamber and it reamains until it is small enough to pass through the gap

Cheek Plate

The cheek plates is lining at two sides of the jaw crusher cavity to be mount with Jaw frame by bolt and nut, The Lining plates are subject to high stresabrasions during fromthe crushing cycle and material flows,So the lower Side plates is wear faster than the upper side plates.


The Liner plate usually made with Manganese steel or Hardox steel plate according to the material requirment. It also having Right Hand (RH) and left hand (LH) sides and some brands of side plates can be used at both sides. 

Jaw Wedge

The Jaw Wedge usually changing when replacement of the jaw plates, it is mainly for fastern the jaw plates by the taper match with jaw and lock with bolt nut, It has fixed jaw lock, swing jaw wedge Taper and flat one. Each crusher having different design of Jaw Locks, it has up down,and Middles locks to suit different models of crushers

Toggle Plate & Bearing

Toggle Plate is a simple parts on the Toggle Assembly Usually made of Carbon Steel (Cast Iron).It works with the toggle bearing at two ends one accommdate on the Pitman and another on the toggle block to hold the lower parts of the jaw in position.

It also serves as a safety mechanism for the entire jaw, If something that cannot crush gets into the crushing chamber accidentally or the rock is too hard to crush, the toggle plate will broken and prevent the jaw frame espeically the Pitman (Jaw stock) from further damage.


Jaw crusher is a Primary & Secondary Crushing machine In the stone production line, The Common Sizes in Chinese model 250x400, 400x600,500x750,600x900,750x1060,900x1200 For Primary Cruhing, And 250x 750,250x1000,250x1200,300x1300 For Secondary Crushing European 24X14,32X18,32X22,32X06,36X20, 36X22,36X24,42X30 ,42X32 44X26,48X42,40x8,50x40,40x54,60x73 as Etc.

The Common Repalcement Wear Parts of Jaw crusher is Jaw plates, Side Plate /Cheek Plates, Jaw Wedges, Toogle Plate, Toogle Bearing And Toogle Seat, The Jaw Plates consist with Fixed Jaw Tooth and Swing Jaw Tooth which the Fixed Jaw is wearing bit faster then the Swin Jaw ,and Cheek Plates having the left and right, upper and lower which the lower side plates is wearing much faster then the upper, The Jaw Wedge /jaw lock usually change when replacement of the jaw plates, it is mainly for fastern the jaw plates by the taper match with jaw and lock with bolt nut, Toogle assembly normally need change the Toggle plate and toggle bearings.  

CASTEEL Jaw plate are manufactured with High Manganese steel of Mn13, Mn14Cr2, Mn18Cr2, Mn22Cr2 Meat With ASTM A128 Gr A & B2 & B3, BS 3100 Gr BW10, SABS 407 , we also do customized material with Molly Throughout special heat-treatment process The Jaw plate has a service life 30% longer than those of traditional high manganese steel! 

The Jaw Tooth having Jaw Ribbed,Wide Tooth ,Corrugted,Coarse Corrugted, Super Tooth,Quarry tooth,Wave Tooth, Square tooth, Round Tooth ,Q Tooth, Slab Tooth Heavy Duty MX Tooth , Sharptooth And Flat Plate For Different Crushing conditions with machining or without machining at back and end side. The Big Jaw Plates also having 2 sections design (1plate 2Pcs) or 3 sections for easy installation and Revese , Especially The 3 sections Jaw plates design can be reverse 6 time as the midlle parts is not wearing fast as the lower part.

Those solution are suitable for the most demanding Quarry crushing ,Construction, Demolition and recycling applications, stationary Plant as well as mobile Plant. Our jaw crusher Liners are designed for hard and Abrasive rocks such as Granite, Basalt and Underground Mining ore also meduim and soft rocks like Quartz, Diabase, River Gravel, sand stone as etc.

What’s more, we are the speialist foundry of Jaw dies with our capacity of 5000MT of Jaw plates we can deliver it fast, Normally we can casting the jaw plates according to your specifications within 15days if we having the pattern, For pcs or one container order, If without the pattern the total period would be around 30-45days according to the jaw Plates Sizes and quanties. As per the customers feedback from many corners the world, the good performance of our jaw Die in different Quarry sites are reduce the Opertaion cost by extend crushing hours and time saving of examination and repairs.