Turbo Rotor

The rotor, being the heart of the Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI), is designed for high capacity with a low power consumption. The rotor surface are covered with wear liners or by welding material technology to resist either impact or abrasive wear.

The Balancing is the key of the rotor performance as it is rotates in high speed , the rotor need to do dynamic balancing testing before accommodate the wear parts, normally the rotor are designed with 3 Passageway like Barmac and Sandvik. Trio have the 5 and 6 passageway Rotor, And BHS rotor are designed in two passageway. Rotor also has two designs in DTR (Deep Turbo Rotor) and STD (Shallow Turbo Rotor)

Selection of the right rotors the application is fundamental to ensure the desired performance. Casteel proudly offers perfect-to-fit and up-to-OEM standard rotors to many customers all over the world. Casteel holds large stock inventory of premium quality compatible turbo rotors parts to suit most popular range of VSI crushers at market.

Rotor Tips | Tungsten Tip

The Rotor tips are the last thing to touch the feed material as it exits the rotor. They can have a Tungsten insert that improves wear life. We often use the life of the tips as a reference point for the other rotor wear parts.The Liner plate usually made with Manganese steel or Hardox steel plate according to the material requirement. It also having Right Hand (RH) and left hand (LH) sides and some brands of side plates can be used at both sides. 

Cavity Wear Plate

Cavity Wear plates in another name as impact block are designed to protect the outside edges of the rotor against excited particles in the crushing chamber. As the rotor spins, it impacts against particles that have rebounded from the chamber build-up after their initial exit from the rotor.

Trial Plate

The Trail plates are designed to hold in the material build-up inside the rotor behind the rotor tips. They can be the least expensive wear part in a rotor, but as they are responsible for keeping the build-up in place, they are very important.

Runner Plate

The runner plate also as name of upper wear plate and lower wear plate to protect the top and bottom Inside surfaces of the rotor. The top surface can get worn when the feed tube and feed eye ring are worn letting material though the gap created in the rotor feed opening. The bottom surface can get worn when material build-up in the crusher base becomes excessive and starts pushing upwards against the rotor.

Distribution Plate

The distributor plate is the wear part that receives the most impact wear(material feeding), and will normally wear out the fastest in standard applications. There is only 1 distributor plate in each dressed rotor.

Feed Eye Ring

The Feed eye ring is subject to minimal wear in normal operating conditions, and in some rotors can be turned 3 times to maxmize wear life. The Feed eye ring is secured to the feed opening of the rotor either with bolts or by dropping into slots and rotating to lock.

Feed Tube

The Feed tube is subject to high abrasive wear as all of the feed material going through the rotor will pass through it. The Feed tube is secured into the Spider assembly of the crusher using a clamp plate and spring handle.


The Anvil liner are seating on the side of the crushing chamber for Rock-to-Steel Type VSI , casted in high maganese steel or chromium steel, it helps the rock cruhing more quickly and rasie the sand percentage then the rock to rock type. 

Vertical Impact Crusher Parts Decription:

The VSI crusher is a Tertiary crusher or End Crushing for Sand manufacturing and aggregates shaping, It also using in Road construction to get enough percentage of quarry dust used in Asphalt. The VSI crusher have Rock to Rock and Rock to Iron two types according to the material requirment. The Common VSI crusher at Market having Barmac B series. Merlin/Sandvik CV Series, Trio TV Series, Terex Canica MV/MPS Series, Remco Sandmax Series,And other types like Nakayama Gyropactor SR Series and BHS Models. Casteel is pround to offer full series of wear parts and rotor parts at International market , like the Rotor Tips,Back-up Tips,Cavity Wear Plate,Trial Plate, Runner Plate,Feed eye Ring, Feed tube, Distribution Plates as etc. Most of Common spare parts we are keeping in stock