Blow Bar | Impact Hammer

Blow Bars are thick slab of metal inserts into the rotor and when the rotor spins high speed the blow bar repeated striking the material to the impact plates, during this process the blow bar fractures the materials until it meets the appropriate size fall through the impact crusher chamber.


it is also call as Impact Hammer or Impactor Hammer, mixture with Chrome, Manganese ,Molly, Nikker and other alloys with different formula and heat treatments for materials like Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Asphalt and concrete as etc.


Blow bar is a critical part during the crushing process, It is mainly made of high chrome alloy ,which are refined through special treatment and suitable for various applications like aggregates, coal, construction waste recycling. It has the best Micro-grain structure and sufficient toughness after quenching and tempering heat treatment,and the Hardness can reach HRC 60


Casteel offers high manganese ,high chrome ,High chrome with ceramic inserts ,Martensite ,martensite with ceramic inserts blow bars for varies needs ,with high hardness, long wear resistance and strong toughness without breaking. 

Impact Rack | Apron

The Impact rack is a Arc frame accommodate on the impact upper body, which combined with rod and spring to adjust the spaces of the crushing chamber. Normally the impact plates are seating on it to protecting the rack. But Untimely changing or bad quality of the impact plates could damage the rack. Casteel casting high manganese steel impact rack instead of welding to maximizing the lifespan of your equipment for a more efficient aggregate and mining processing operation


CASTEEL provides OEM standard impact racks to many brands in order to perfectly adapt the attaching system and ensure the and service life of the accessories and increase the production capacity.

Impact Plate | Apron Liner

The impact plate also calling as breaker plate or Apron Liner which is lining the upper middle and lower of the crushing chamber. is the second vulnerable part in the impact crusher to the plate hammer, which bears a high-velocity impacts. The shape and material  the impact plate have a great influence on the impact breaking efficiency and service life.


Our impact plates available in monometallic alloys as well as in Metal Matrix Composite (MMC) solutions combining the hardness of ceramic with the useful mechanical properties of cast iron or steel, considerably increasing the life span of the parts and the productivity of the crusher.


We can provide a variety of styles, and choose high manganese steel ,high chrome and martensite steel according to the hardness and feeding sizes of the material . We also can customize the overall dimensions and materials according to custom drawings and requirements.

Side Liners

The side liners which is lining two side of impact crusher to protect the the crusher body with different shape and locking according to the design.Beyond of impact crusher the side lining also applied to many machineries service on mining for material processing operations like the feeder,stacker, shovels, and conveying equipments. Our impact liners are made of durable high manganese steel to enhance the lifespan of your equipment and reduce overall maintenance requirements.

Horizontal Impact Crusher Parts Decription:

The Horizontal Impact crusher is a common equipment widely used in road construction, building Materials ,Waste recycling, Aggregate shaping and Energy sectors. The output material is more cubical than other secondary crusher which is suitable for railway and high way construction as well as concrete aggregates.


The theory is motor drives the rotor and rotates as high speed when the material feeding to the impact area, it hits and breaks by the blow bar then it is thrown to the counterattack devise which is called impact plates and breaking again.and then rebounds from the breaker plate return to the rotor hammer to Re-crush.


The Process is repeated ,the materials enter the first ,second and third impact chambers from large to small ,and is repeatedly crushed until it is crushed to the required size and discharges from the gap.


The common replacement wear parts for impact crusher are blow bar, impact plate,Impact Rack ,square Steel and side Liners. CASTEEL impact liners has introduced and performed more tan 200 impact crushers for quarry and mining material processing at the world.