Raymond Mill Parts

Raymond Mills are popular in the mining industry, in the technology for the production of building materials, chemicals and metallurgical industries for grinding mineral and ore materials with specialized needs to obtaining powders in various technical processes.

Casteel can supply Full Range of Raymond mill parts For MTW/MTM/TGM/YGM William mills such as grinding ring,Roller Tier ,Shovel, Plum blossom rack Shovel base,bearing as etc. These roller mill is great for grinding basalt, limestone, mica, talcum, quartz and other powder material. Therefore, it has wide application in powder making industry of construction, mining and Daily Chemicals, paper-making Industries , as Etc.

Grinding Roller

Grinding rollers are the common wear parts of Roller mills,it works both for twin roller machine and Raymond mill machine. During the working the grinding rollers friction the material to another roller or the grinding rings, and at the same time they also rub against each other, so the rollers need timely replacement when it has severely worn out,it is important to have right size and output materials.

Grinding Ring

Grinding rings are the one of the important wear parts of Raymond Mill, When the equipment is working, the grinding rollers and the grinding rings are subject to the friction of the material, and at the same time they also rub against each other, so they are easily damaged. Once the grinding rollers and grinding rings abrasion are severely worn, it will have a certain impact on the product, and appear finished material uneven fitness. At this time, the parts must be replaced in time.

Roller Mill Parts Decrisption:

Roller mill in another name of Raymond Mills are commonly air-swept vertical Roller Mills with an integral classification system that simultaneously dries, pulverizes and classifies clays, minerals and manufactured materials that are 5 or less on the Mohs scale. From a feed ranging in size from approximately 10-40mm (½" to 1½"), the roller mill can produce particles ranging from coarse, granular products of approximately 10%R2000 micron (90% minus 10 mesh) to as fine as 0.002%R44 micron (99.998% minus 325 mesh).

They can also be used to prepare feed for systems producing ultra-fine materials, such as Vertical Mills, Ball Mills or Classifier system. The mill provides efficient control of product size with minimal power, resulting in a flexible, cost-effective production. 

Amont the experiences we have collected ,Casteel capable to supply the wear parts for following roller mills models as: 

MTW110 ™ | MTW138™ | MTW175™ | MTW215™|SCM6015™ | SCM8021™ | SCM10027™ |XZM221™ | XZM224™ | XZM236™ | XZM244™ |HGM80™ | HGM90™ | HGM100™ | HGM100A™ | HGM125™ | HGM1680| TGM100 ™ | TGM130™ | TGM160™|MTM100 ™ | MTM130™ | MTM160™ |YGM75™ | YGM85™ | YGM95™ | YGM130™ | YGM160™