Raw Material Test

CASTEEL usualy checking of the outsourced material ,like the Steel Scraps , Manganese ,Chrome and other materials like Molly, Niker as ETC. 

Compistion Analysis

CASTEEL keeps compostion testing before and after pouring for every batch of casting, The sample bar cutted from the product itself also keeping for 2 years time for future check 

Heat Treatment Record

CASTEEL keeps the heat treatment record like the Temperture Rising Curve, Warm keeping time , Water temperture and time at Quencing 

Response and Reply in 24 Hours

You can contact BLKMA via phone or email, we will certainly give you reply in 24 hours. You can show your problem in the form of video or picture so that we can solve your problem in time. 

Engineer Overseas 

BLKMA company can provide overseas service including installation, commissioning, training and maintenance for any clients from all over the world.

With International Certification

BLKMA have the best product design and performance test engineers in China, and our products have got CE, ISO and SGS certification to prove the superiority of BLKMA factory.